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Avail I.T. Services

Computer Services Portland Victoria

ABN: 55 012 773 598 | Mob: 0406 598 342

Computer Repair

Faulty Computer Diagnostics, Component Replacement, Installations and Upgrades

Data Recovery

Data Recovery from ‘Dead’ Computer Hard Drives, External Storage and Mobile Devices*

Virus/Malware Removal

Removal of, and Recovery from Virus, Malware/Spyware/Ad-ware and Browser Infections

System Security

Management of Antivirus, Anti-Malware/Spyware/Ad-ware and Security Software

Cloud Computing

Setup & Training in Useage of Cloud Resources such as Google, Microsoft and Adobe

Digital Photography

Affordable Quality Digital Photography Services for Home and Small Business

Multimedia Edition

Personal/Business Digital Photo, Video and Audio Editing, CD/DVD Backup and Authoring**

Digital Edition

Digital Document Development & Conversion to suit Microsoft and/or Adobe workflows

Dean Brinckley

Dean Brinckley

Owner / Technician


Contact Details for Assistance and Bookings

Mobile: 0406 598 342


Address: 42 Kauri Crescent, Portland VIC 3305


Basic Terms and Conditions

Service Area:

  • Portland, Victoria

Phone Support:

  • SMS/Email/Messenger: Contact me anytime – ill reply asap.
  • Phone Call: If unanswered (driving/working/sleeping), please leave a short message and ill listen to your message and return your call asap, alternatively send an email/SMS.

Callout/Onsite Support/Pickup and Return:

  • Portland CBD and Residential Areas.
  • Appointments are Required.

Call-In (Drop-Off and Pickup):

  • Appointments are Required.

Payment Terms:

  • Residential Services: Payment/Invoice is Due on Completion or time of pickup/delivery.
  • Small Business/Regular Residential: Payment/Invoice is Due from Completion with 7 Days to Pay.

Payment Plans:

  • Available on request to regular customers.

PayPal and Credit Card Payments:

  • Where available, a Standard Surcharge is now applied to Credit Card and PayPal Payments which covers service fees, calculated/indicated at time of payment by the processing party (aka Stripe/PayPal). (est. 1.75% credit card loading and/or PayPal fee where applicable).
  • This standard surcharge does not apply to direct bank transfers/deposits.

Avail IT Services is not registered for GST (NREG).

  • GST is not calculated or applied to any prices, fees or charges by Avail IT Services
  • If your small business is GST Reg, you do not need to calculate any GST from my Invoice or your Payment. Please consult with your accountant for confirmation.

Sub Contracting

  • Not Available, please ask your client to contact me directly.